STREET FIGHTER II – The World Warrior Game Now Available for Free [PC/Xbox/PS4/Switch]

treet Fighter II: The World Warrior Game(DLC) is currently free to download on platforms like Xbox, Steam, PS4, and Switch. You need the free base game, Capcom Arcade Stadium, to play this content (DLC). The game’s fighting style is similar to that of Capcom’s 1991 Street Fighter series.

Until July 22, this DLC will be accessible on Xbox, Steam, PS4, and Switch. Click on one of the links below to get the game for your device.


Note: On Steam, you need to download the free base game Capcom Arcade Stadium in order to play.

About STREET FIGHTER II – The World Warrior Game

The game will put you in one-on-one battles with many other characters, and the goal of each match is to win. In the event that both players are defeated or the round runs out of time with both players having the same amount of money, the game declares a draw.

STREET FIGHTER II -The World Warrior Game

Then, the extra round will have to be played by two players to decide who wins or loses. When you play Street Fighter II, it is normal for a match to last up to 10 rounds because there is no way to tell who the winner is. In single-player mode, players will take part in a “bonus game” every three matches to earn extra points. Bonus matches include damaging a vehicle, crates, and drums.

There are eight characters to choose from in Street Fighter II’s character system. Ryu and Ken, who were in the last part, will be joined by six other characters from various countries.

  • Ryu is a martial artist from Japan.
  • Ken, the classmate, and rival of Ryu in martial arts is from the United States.
  • E. Honda is a sumo wrestler from Japan.
  • Guile is a member of the US special forces.
  • Dhalsim is an Indian yoga master.
  • Chun-Li is a Chinese woman who is a martial artist and a police officer.
  • Blanka is a Brazilian half-breed who grew up in the jungle.
  • Zangief was a Soviet Union-born wrestler.

Japanese and English versions are available.