The Spectrum Retreat – PC Game Now Free on Epic Games Store

The Spectrum Retreat is a challenging and first-person puzzle game set shortly. This Puzzle game now available for free on Epic Games Store.

This week Epic Store is offering only a single game worth $12.99 for free. Similar to previous giveaways this game will be free for a week or till July 8, 2021

To grab the freebie, visit this Epic Store link:

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The Spectrum Retreat -PC Game

About The Spectrum Retreat  Game:

This game is developed by Dan Smith from the age of 15, over a five-year period.

The game released in 2018 was both praised and criticized for having two distinct art styles and gameplay sections.

You play as Alex who wakens in the Penrose hotel in the game, finding it to be empty. With no memory of his arrival and the hotel being run by few robotic assistants, he eventually finds a circular phone, connecting him to ‘Cooper’. During breakfast, the world slowly begins to distort around him. Cooper contacts him soon afterward, initially attempting to lead him to the rooftop, explaining that he is trapped within a simulation against his will. However, due to the system rejecting Alex’s credentials, it is forced upon him to explore each floor of the hotel, where the main mechanics of the game and puzzle elements are found.

The game’s main mechanic focuses on the colors of blocks, swapping them around to bypass, or stand upon, different colored gates. Eventually, the player is allowed to use these colors to teleport around the levels using specifically placed panels. During these puzzles, snippets of the plot are revealed to the player. After the bulk of levels are completed, the player must sleep, listen to Cooper and piece together the story happening around them, and repeat the cycle