TheHunter Call of the Wild Game & Antstream Epic Welcome Pack for Free

TheHunter Call of the Wild and Antstream – Epic Welcome Pack are the two freebies now available on Epic Games Store.

The Epic Games Store is giving customers free games every week in 2021, just like it did last year. It’s entirely free and there are no strings attached.

Even if you don’t intend to play these freebies anytime soon, if you have an Epic Store account, you should login and add them to your library.

Every Thursday, the Epic Games Store releases new free games and upcoming week games are unveiled, making it a significant day for gamers.

This week Epic Games Store will be giving away an $14.99 worth Epic Welcome pack (Antstream) and $19.99 worth hunting simulation game the Hunter: Call of the Wild.

Epic Games Store users will be able to grab the Hunter: Call of the Wild and Antstream – Epic Welcome Pack from November 25 at 11 a.m. ET until December 3 at 3 a.m. ET.

Simply visit below Epic Games Store links or navigate to the game using their launcher, add the game to your cart, and proceed to checkout to claim these two games.


About TheHunter Call of the Wild Game:

The game’s title says it all. It’s a hunting simulator where you can take your rifle and hunt deer, ducks, bears, and other animals.

Hunter: Call of the Wild is a hunting game with an immersive open environment where players can “true-to-life” animals, which is rather appropriate for the current Thanksgiving season.

TheHunter Call of the Wild Game

As a simulator, the game is neither a hack-and-slash or all-out assault — players must first seek for evidence of the animals and track them down before engaging. It takes stealth and a steady hand, and even once they’ve located their quarry, they must account for factors such as wind speed and elevated heart rate. It really is an fascinating game that demands a lot of patience, but if players are prepared to put in the effort, the game has the potential to be quite rewarding.

About Antstream – Epic Welcome Pack:

TheHunter Call of the Wild Game giveaway

Antstream is not a single game; it is a free-to play collection of arcade classics ranging from Metal Slug X and Bubble Bobble to Space Invaders and Asteroids.

The Epic Games Store is providing gamers 1,090 Gems to use in the game at no additional cost.

This can be used to unlock games, tournaments, and the turn-based PVP mode, among other things.