TikVPN Free 120 Days Subscription [Windows/Mac/Android/iOS]

TikVPN is a virtual private network (VPN) client that can enhance your Internet experience. It enables you to bypass geo-restricted content providers such as Netflix and Hulu.

This VPN enables you to remain anonymous on virtually any website and secures your private data, which is especially important when using public WiFi.

VPNs have become very popular over the last decade, and for good reason: they have a lot of obvious advantages for a lot of different Internet activities, especially when you play games online.

You might think that VPNs are just a gimmick or a fad that people are overselling. There are a lot of ads for VPNs in podcasts and YouTube videos.

But if you don’t use a virtual private network (VPN) in today’s online world, you’re only giving up benefits and protections that you can get.

When you’re ready to start using a virtual private network, you should buckle down. It can help you in a number of ways. Here are a few of them:

1.When connecting to public Wi-Fi

If you’ve ever used your laptop or phone to play an online game while connected to public Wi-Fi, you’ve put yourself in a risky position.

2.Avoid bandwidth limitations

Whenever you connect to public Wi-Fi, use a VPN to protect your data (through encryption) and prevent eavesdropping.

By using a VPN, you can encrypt your Internet traffic, making it more difficult for your ISP to determine what you’re doing. They cannot selectively limit your bandwidth while playing online games if they do not know what you are doing.

3.Bypass the geo-restriction
Netflix or other popular streaming platforms will determine what content the user will receive based on the user’s IP address. As such, you’ll need a VPN to fool Netflix into believing you’re in another region, such as the United States, in order to view a wider choice of content.


Key Features of TikVPN

  • Encrypt Online Data.

Offers 256-bit AES bank-grade encryption to make all your data online stay secure.

  • High-Speed Connection.

Offers both high-speed connection and better security.

  • Ultimate no-log VPN Service.

It will never track or collect your traffic data, DNS queries.

  • Uninterrupted Streaming.

Enjoy your TV shows, music uninterrupted, no buffering.

  • 70+ Server locations.
  • Protects your data every moment ]with a killing switch.
  • Hides your real IP address.
  • Best P2P VPN service.
  • Available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

TikVPN – Free for 120 Days

Register an account by visiting this page.

Enter your email address, password and click the “Get Started For Free” button.

You will receive a confirmation email from TikVPN ([email protected]), click the confirmation link.

Now under the “Account Section”, click the “Redeem” button.

Enter below coupon code.




Click the “Apply” button.

Download the VPN installer or app for your device from the “download” section or visit the developer page.

Install the VPN  app on your device, launch it, and sign in with your account.

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