Titan Quest and Jagged Alliance Games Now Available for Free

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition and Jagged Alliance Gold Edition games by THQ Nordic are right now available for free.THQ Nordic is celebrating its tenth anniversary and offering these two classic PC games for free.

You add Titan Quest Anniversary Edition and Jagged Alliance Gold Edition games to your Steam library from today until 23 September.

Titan Quest is actually the revamped 2016 edition, making the action RPG a rather good experience by today’s standards. Over the 2006 version, it has “restored and improved” multiplayer, support for a variety of resolutions, and a slew of additional enhancements.

Jagged Alliance released in 1994 is a turn-based strategy game4 and includes the standalone expansion Deadly Games. If you’re looking for anything similar to XCOM, this is a must-play. Both games will be available for free until September 23, so make sure to add them to your account before then.

Visit these Steam pages and simply hit the “Add to Account” button to get the games for free.

For Titan Anniversary Edition: https://store.steampowered.com/app/475150/

For Jagged Alliance Gold Edition: https://store.steampowered.com/app/283270/

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition free on steam

About Titan Quest Anniversary Edition:

This Anniversary Edition combines both Titan Quest and Titan Quest Immortal Throne in one game and has been given a massive overhaul for the ultimate ARPG experience.

An innovative action role-playing game set in ancient Greece, Egypt, and Asia from Age of Empires co-creator Brian Sullivan and Braveheart writer Randall Wallace.

The Titans have escaped from their eternal prison and are wreaking havoc on the planet. The gods are looking for a hero who can turn the tide in an epic battle that will decide the fate of both men and gods.

Key features

  • Explore the Ancient World – Unlock arcane mysteries and battle the beasts of mythology as you journey to the Parthenon, Great Pyramids, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, The Great Wall and other legendary locations
  • Atmospheric Graphics – Take a hero’s journey through authentic Ancient World settings crafted in stunning, realistic, 3D detail
  • Conquer Monsters of Legend – Battle horrific monsters and mythical beasts in a story-driven campaign that will determine the fate of all existence
  • Highly Customizable Characters – Build and customize your characters with 28 classes and over 1000 pieces of unique and legendary items to create the ultimate champion
  • Online Multiplayer Gameplay – Challenge others to experience your map creations in fast-action, 2-6 player online cooperative gameplay
  • Create Your Own Worlds – Cre