Tooly: The Ultimate All-in-One Tool App for Android Users

Fed up with multiple single-purpose apps cluttering your phone? What if there was an app that covered all your needs? Enter Tooly, a free Android app that transforms your phone into a Swiss army knife of functionality.

Regardless of whether you need a calculator, unit converter, or developer tools, Tooly has over 100 functions organized into easy-to-use categories.

About Tooly – Tiny Tools Collection

This is a great app for those who don’t want to install a different app with sometimes questionable permissions for every little thing.


The app is a set of small tools, each aimed at boosting productivity and making daily tasks easier. The features are organized into nine distinct sections.

  1. Text Tools:

This section provides a range of tools for manipulating and enhancing text, including stylish fonts, Japanese emotions, and various text transformation options.

2. Image Tools:

Image tools enable users to edit and restructure their images, offering features like image resizing, compression, and format conversion.

3. Calculation Tools:

For mathematical operations, the app provides a collection of calculation tools, including basic arithmetic, currency conversion, and unit conversions.

Tooly Text Tools

4. Color Tools:

Color enthusiasts can explore and generate color palettes using Tooly’s color tools, which feature color picking, color matching, and palette creation options.

5. Unit Converter:

This section contains various units of measure, weight, temperature, and more.

  1. Programming Tools:

This section enables you to create an organized page for your codes using development tools.

7. Randomizer tools:

In this section, you will find various randomizer tools that can help you with decision-making.

  1. Generator Tools:

This section contains generative tools for creating many types of things, such as a QR code generator, a simple number generator, and a multiple number generator.

9. General Tools:

This section offers various tools, like a ruler, stopwatch, and Roman numerals for different purposes.

You can access all kinds of tools quickly using the search bar inside the app, including image tools, text tools, calculators, unit converters, development tools, and more.

Tooly Calculation Tools

User-Friendly Interface

Tooly’s easy-to-use interface is designed for people of all technical levels. Its simple layout and straightforward navigation make it a breeze for users to discover and use the tools they require. The user experience is smooth and hassle-free, thanks to the clean and clutter-free interface.

Get the app from the Google Play Store through this link.


In summary, Tooly is the go-to app for Android users, offering a wide range of handy features and a user-friendly interface.

It can assist you in various situations, making your tasks more straightforward, whether you’re a student, teacher, developer, or professional. This Android app is a must-have for all your tool requirements.