TrapDrive– A Distortion VST Plugin/App Available for Free

Trapdrive is a VST distortion plug-in that supports VST3 (Windows) and VST3/AU (MacOS) DAW. Diginoiz is celebrating its 12th anniversary by making the TrapDrive distortion VST plugin available for free until May 8th.

This is what Diginoiz says about their plug-in: It’s geared more toward the “heavy” side of trap music and other genres that are based on or are inspired by it. In the beginning, it can be hard to work with, rough, and harsh. But it gives your tracks that extra edge, spice, and flair that you want, and makes them stand out in a big way!

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About TrapDrive:

This plugin is for you if you’re inspired by the sounds found in tracks like Xxxtentacion’s “Look At Me,” Scarlxrd’s “Heart Attack,” and Bones’ “HDMI,” to name a few, and need uncompromising distortion in your creations.

Ideal for distorting 808/Bass type sounds, wonderful for singing, crushing guitars, and making synths more interesting. And if you’re brave enough, you can even use it on the whole bus or mix it up!

Trap Drive offers eight varieties of distortion based on operations such as arctan function, harsh clipping, bipolar exponential, unipolar exponential, bit crushing, and some others.

TrapDrive GUI

All loops & samples in this library are licensed to you ‘Royalty-Free’ so you can use them in your commercial compositions with no extra costs.

TrapDrive can be used on both Mac and PC computers. All DAWs that can use VST3 or VST3/AU are compatible. Because VST2 support is insufficient, products such as Maschine and AKAI MPC Studio are currently incompatible.