Tribe of Hackers Security Leaders -Cybersecurity eBook for Free($15)

The Tribe of Hackers Security Leaders is a cybersecurity ebook that provides tribal knowledge from the top cybersecurity leaders.

Wiley, the book’s publisher, generally charges $15 for this ebook. Now it is available for free for a limited time.

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This ebook size is around 10.7 MB  with 314 pages.

About Tribe of Hackers Security Leaders:

The series “Tribe of Hackers” continues to share what CISSPs, CISOs, and other security leaders need to know to develop strong cybersecurity teams and keep enterprises secure.

More than a hundred prominent security experts and influencers share their best practices for implementing, leading and managing enterprise information security.

The Tribe of Hackers Security Leaders ebook maintains the same bestselling format as the original Tribe of Hackers, but with a specific focus on how information security leaders influence organizational security.

The importance and value of information security are increasing all the time.

Because security breaches may be extremely costly, potentially resulting in the closure of organizations and governments, security leadership is a high-stakes game.

Leading teams of hackers is not always simple, but it is essential if the future of your firm is to be ensured.

The world’s foremost security specialists address the concerns of Chief Information Security Officers and other security executives in this book, including the following:

  • What is the most critical decision or action that you have taken to enable a business risk?
  • How do you motivate your team to act and achieve results?
  • Do you have a unique strategy for talent acquisition or a workforce philosophy?
  • Have you developed a strategy that is consistent with your information security program or business unit?

Anyone currently serving in or aspiring to a leadership role in information security, whether team-or organization-wide, should read this book.

The Tribe of Hackers Security Leaders can provide you with the practical assistance and real-world advice you need to build your cybersecurity leadership career.