Typing Master 11 How to get Premium Free License-Improve typing speed & accuracy

Typing Master 11 is an excellent tool for anyone who wishes to improve their typing skills. This windows software offers a lot of features, like typing training exercises, different ways to evaluate typing, and reporting metrics. It’s great for self-training and self-evaluation.

You can improve your typing speed and accuracy by taking different courses and tests. You can learn about the correct hand position and other tips by taking these courses and tests.

Typing tutor
This app adapts to your needs. It has more than 10 hours of customized exercises that will help you learn how to type like a pro. So, your typing speed is likely to double and you will save hours of work time.

Typing Master 11 UI

A modern interface and well-structured Menu

Typing Master has a modern look and a well-organized menu. It is also easy to use. It’s easy to see the menu fields on the right-hand side of the application. You can also look at the options and make a training plan for improving your typing skills.

As a bonus, the software has extra courses for young people as well as extra marks and numbers, fun facts, and a quick typing boost, among other things.

Besides the ‘Studying’ area, you can also use ‘Custom Review,’ which lets you make focus reviews for certain keys, do keyboard drills, word drills, or game reviews.

The good thing about this keyboard trainer is that it has a lot of training, modern, and fun ways to improve your typing, as well as user-customizable typing tests.

In addition to the embedded resources and texts, you can use a timer to keep track of how long it takes you to type, and you can record your typing time and report it so you can see how well you’re progressing, as well.

Typing Master 11 Features:

  • Complete touch typing course with a real-time analysis widget
  • 10+ hours of customized exercises to help you learn how to type like a pro.
  • Provides typing tests to evaluate your speed and accuracy.
  • While you work, the Typing Meter Widget analyzes your typing and gives customized training.
  • Track how well you’re learning and how well you’re typing.
  • Multilingual typing software (English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, and Spanish).
  • Supports different keyboard layouts(QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY).
  • Offers additional courses such as Speed Building, Numpad, Numbers, Special Marks, and Quick Boost.

Typing Master 11 Premium Free License -2 Weeks.

Download the software from the developer page[10.8 MB].

Install the software, launch the app, and on the main window click “About”.

In the next window, click the “Enter Registration Key” button.

Copy and paste the below registration info.

 Registration name: Friend

That’s it, click the “Enter” button.

Enjoy the two weeks of Typing Master 11 Premium for free.

Typing Master 11 Premium