Video Joiner & Trimmer Pro Now Free for iOS Users

Have you ever wanted to make professional-quality videos on your iOS device but were put off by the high cost of editing apps? Video Joiner & Trimmer Pro is your one-stop solution for all your video editing needs, and it’s now available for free!

You can get Video Joiner & Trimmer Pro, the complete version, in the App Store for free now, down from €3.99 ($1.99). This app has a rich collection of powerful and easy-to-use editing tools that are great for both new and experienced.

About Video Joiner & Trimmer Pro:

With this iOS app, you have all the tools you need for quick video editing. From importing clips to precisely cutting them.

Splitting and merging videos, changing the tempo of clips, and adding transition effects, colour corrections, and resolution tweaks are all simple tasks.

The app’s editing capabilities extend beyond the basics. Video projects can be customized with text components, music, and stickers.

To make sure your video turns out the way you imagined it, you can change the colors and styles of all the media in your project.

The app includes a variety of editing functions:

  • Join & Merge: You can join and merge videos from your library or your new recordings.
  • Trim & Cut: To cut your films, simply drag and drop the beginning and ending frames.
  • Speed Controls: Make exciting slow-motion or fast-motion effects as you choose.
  • Aspect Ratio Control: Choose between “fit” and “full” to adjust the video’s aspect ratio.
  • No Watermark: Watch or create videos without branding.
  • Wysiwyg Editor: You’ll always know exactly how your changes will appear because of the user-friendly ‘What You See Is What You Get’ interface.

Get the App for your iPhone/iPad for free from the Apple App Store


Any iOS user in need of a video editing tool will find what they’re looking for in Video Joiner & Trimmer Pro, a flexible and feature-rich app. Its extensive feature set, user-friendliness, and the recent drop in pricing to zero make it an enticing offer for amateur and professional videographers.

No matter how big or little your project is, this app will help you bring your creative vision to reality. Get it now from the App Store and begin making amazing videos!