VSDC Pro 9.1 Free License – Powerful Video Editor [Windows]

VSDC Pro is a powerful, lightweight, and user-friendly video editor for Windows users.

With this easy-to-use software, you can make, edit, and export videos. It has a lot of powerful editing tools, as well as video capture and disc-burning options.

About VSDC Pro:

It’s likely that when you want to create complex videos or improve existing ones, you’re looking for a simple app that can help you do so with as little hassle as possible. We can use VSDC Video Editor for these things.

To quickly fix your footage or make a new movie, use this tool. It has a lot of powerful tools for masking, colour correction, and motion tracking. Join a global community of more than 5 million people who use VSDC and let your imagination run wild.


UI & Functioning:

In order to use the app’s features, you first need to make a project. Then, you can choose the type of project: blank, import your images and videos, capture video, or capture your desktop screen.

It’s also possible to choose the transition type that best fits your needs when you import multimedia files.

VSDC Video Editor Pro UI

Unlike other video editors, this software lets you move and change the length and size of the files you choose until it satisfy you with the result. You can also make new scenes and add them to your project if you don’t like the things you’ve already added.


  • Motion tracking.

The motion tracking feature allows you to analyze the trajectory of any moving object in a video, record it, and assign that same trajectory to any other object you’ve added to the scene: image, text, or mask. This means you can censor moving objects in the video, recreate memes, and just add stylish, dynamic captions.

  • Edit the beat.

Using this tool, you can synchronize any effect parameter with the sound of the beat. Apply it to create a dynamic audio spectrum, beautiful music visualization, text “dancing” to the rhythm, or any other music animation you can imagine.

  • AI Art generator

Use the power of artificial intelligence to turn your video into a piece of art.

VSDC Pro Features
  • HSL Chroma Key

Remove any unwanted colours from the footage: instantly and precisely.

  • Hardware acceleration

The Pro version of VSDC activates hardware acceleration by default. This means complex effect processing, as well as project exporting, becomes significantly faster.

  • Mask tool

Create new compositions with a clipping mask, inverted mask & text mask.

  • Non-linear effects

Achieve dynamics by manually adjusting effect intensity during the playback.

Get VSDC Pro v9.1 License for Free:

Visit this new giveaway page or this giveaway page 

You will notice a minor form. Complete the form by entering your name, email address, and captcha code.

Click the “Send” button.

Next, in a few minutes, you will receive an email from VSDC (support@videosoftdev.com) that gives you the license code. Check your email inbox.

Download the VSDC Video Editor free version installer from the developer page [64-bit & 32-bit].

Install it and launch the program.

On the app’s main window, click the “Activation” tab and choose the “Activate” option.

Enter the license code you received and hit the “Activate” button.

That’s it!

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VSDC Pro giveaway

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Note: The below screen-shots are from the previous promo.

VSDC Pro Giveaway

Next, in a few minutes, you will receive an email from VSDC (support@videosoftdev.com) that gives you the license code. Check your email inbox.

VSDC Video Editor Pro License