Waking Up – Guided Meditation & Mindfulness App Free 1 Year Subscription

Waking Up app is by Sam Harris is unique mindfulness and meditation guide for understanding the mind.

The app s available for both Android and iOS devices, the app requires a subscription, and the annual price is US$99.99.

Follow the meditation courses and track your mindfulness habits with new sessions, updated daily.

Go beyond calming or relaxing, discover your mind, and meditate with guided sessions and mindfulness techniques with Sam Harris, a neuroscientist, philosopher, and best-selling author.

Explore the theory behind meditation, from gaining awareness of oneself to understanding the source of feelings like anxiety or stress.

Waking Up - Guided Meditation with Sam Harris

Waking Up is very different from the hundreds of other meditation apps out there.
Instead of merely trying to improve your sleep or reduce anxiety, in Waking Up, you’ll learn how to live a more examined life.

What does that mean?

Well, imagine how good it would feel to be more focused, more compassionate, and more satisfied with your life, regardless of what’s going on. Imagine having the ability to instantly feel less angry, less neurotic, and less judgemental of yourself and others. Imagine being able to live a life without regret.

It really is possible to be the best version of yourself, more and more of the time. And that’s what Waking Up can help you do.

There are only two things you’ll be doing in the app:

you’ll PRACTICE meditation, and you’ll learn the THEORY behind the practice.

The first five meditations in the Introductory Course and the first five lessons are free. But you can unlock everything inside WAKING UP—including an ever-growing library of lessons, conversations, and Q&As—by becoming a subscriber.

Get a 1-year subscription to Waking Up for Free :

If you would like to use the Waking Up app but truly cannot afford it, you can request a free account by visiting this page and fill out a form

Enter your name, email address and hit the “Submit Request” button.

Waking Up- Free 1 Year Subscription

In a few minutes, you will receive a confirmation email from “[email protected]”.

Click the ‘Start my free year now’ button in that email.

Next, click the ‘SIGN UP’ button and sign in with your email address.

Download the app for your mobile devices from the below links:

iOS: https://apple.co/3h2bphm

Android:  play.google.com/store/apps

Waking Up app for free