WebMinds Easy Duplicate Finder for Free [Windows]

WebMinds Easy Duplicate Finder is an effective tool for dealing with digital clutter. This Windows tool claims to improve your PC’s speed by releasing important disk space, and it does it with an intuitive interface and advanced functionality.

For a limited period, you can grab the full version license of this software worth $39.95 for free.

WebMinds Easy Duplicate Finder Giveaway:

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Enter your name and email address, then click the “Get Free Easy Duplicate Finder” button.

The next step is to wait for an email from WebMinds (support @webminds-help.com) to arrive in your mailbox. A license key to activate the full version is attached to this email.

Download the software from https://www.easyduplicatefinder.com/files/

Run the program installation. Upon initial launch, you will see an activation screen in the screenshot below.

Click on “Activate your copy here”. Input your email address and the license code you received.

Hit the “Submit” button.

That’s it!

About WebMinds Easy Duplicate Finder:

A feature-rich piece of software, Easy Duplicate Finder, can scan your computer for duplicate files and delete them instantly, freeing up space on your hard drive. It has various sophisticated features that are easy to use.

Quick and Hassle-Free Installation

Installation is easy; the single standout feature is Easy Duplicate Finder’s ability to add an entry to the Windows Explorer shell extension for speedy scanning of user-defined directories.

Intuitive User Interface

The tool’s user interface is designed with big buttons and a clean layout, allowing users to jump right into the customizing process.

Sophisticated Scanning and Sorting

To begin, specify which folders to scan and set filters to identify which directories to ignore, which file types to include and which to exclude, and what is considered a minimum and maximum file size.

The results display each original item and its duplicate in their respective groupings.

If there are any duplicates in a group, they will all be selected automatically, except for the first file. Full paths, group numbers, sizes, and modification dates are all viewable.

You can also see the overall number of scanned files, originals and duplicates, disk space used, and a pie chart showing the occupied size split among different file kinds, such as audio, video, images, archives, documents, and more.

You can use the options to sort the results by type, choose which items to remove and which to keep, change the preset selection method (to keep the oldest or newest versions in each group, for example), rename or move the duplicates instead of removing them, and more. For those just starting, a wizard assistant is there to help with all of this.

Customization at Your Fingertips

Not only does Easy Duplicate Finder detect duplicates, but it also provides a wealth of configuration choices for tailoring the way the search operates.

The options suit a wide variety of desires, from byte-by-byte comparison to ignoring temporary files. Also, the default settings are easily accessible with a single click.

Performance and Reliability

Not only is this tool effective, but it is also powerful. It has a minimal CPU consumption, does scan operations quickly, and has a fast response time. The scans go smoothly and error-free every time with Easy Duplicate Finder, even if it uses a lot of RAM.

Conclusion: A Must-Have Tool for Optimal PC Health

To clear out unnecessary files and free up space on your hard drive, WebMinds Easy Duplicate Finder is an excellent program to have on hand. It is a strong candidate in the duplicate file finder market thanks to its intuitive UI, robust search features, and plenty of customization choices.

Put Easy Duplicate Finder to work for you and bid farewell to disorganized digital files.