What’s Corel PhotoMirage?

Main Features

  • A really useful tool for creating animated versions of your photographs.
  • Make certain portions of your shot come to life.
  • Certain elements of an image can be animated by using an effect akin to photo liquefaction to make things appear to move.
  • PhotoMirage is extremely simple to create animations.
  • It is simple to share animated pictures.
  • In addition to the fundamental shaping procedures, PhotoMirage offers additional sophisticated optional tools such as Smart Photo Fix (smart photo editing) and Visibility Layers (display layers) to assist you to generate high-quality photographs. More spectacular outcomes and higher quality.
  • Animated files may be exported as MP4, WMV, or GIF.

Corel PhotoMirage is a program that can convert still photos into animations, Cinemagraph-style gifs, and visuals with only a few moving features in a matter of minutes. You may move specific sections of your shot by using an effect similar to liquefaction to make it look like items are moving.

Animating is simple since you only need to pick the regions you want to animate, specify some anchor points for the parts you don’t want to animate, and then press the Play button. After you’ve established the selection points, you may adjust the pace of the animation by sliding the slider left or right.


Corel PhotoMirage Screenshots


Moving images are more likely to catch the viewer’s attention. It not only affects the viewer’s emotions, but it is also extremely dazzling and appealing at first glance. Even cartoons can have a greater effect than a full film. PhotoMirage is an excellent tool for breaking down geographical boundaries. You may simply generate motion on images and grab viewers’ attention, assisting you in achieving success while advertising products, games, services, and so on social media.

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Technical Details

Product specification

Language SupportEnglish, Français, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and more…
Money Back Guarantee30-Day
Operating SystemWindows
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Support ServicesLive Chat, Phone


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