Will Glow the Wisp- Arcade Platformer Free on Steam [PC Game]

Will Glow the Wisp is an arcade platformer game that is now available for free on the Steam store. This Indie platformer is not a typical platformer, you can keep playing, and try beating scores.

This game is now free on steam and this free offer will be available till Sep 01, 2021.

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The game description reads “Experience the first melee bullet hell platformer without platforms, but are you ready to face this challenge? The game mixes Super Meat Boy, Geometry Wars, and Enter the Gungeon, which results in an unforgettable and unique experience.”

With names like Super Meat Boy and Geometry Wars thrown in there, you might think that the game takes a cue from these titles and pushes it along with its twist. Instead, you will find a unique platformer that offers a couple of hours of intense fun as you make your way through puzzles without touching the blue particles.

The game revolves around you, a small glowing dot, attempting to reach the objective, which is a green portal-like thing. Although each level is distinct, certain features of them recur.

This is the first melee bullet hell platformer without platforms, with unique particle-based visuals and movement mechanics.

Choose a wisp Escape from a magical prison Survive bullet hell Beat the developer.

Will Glow the Wisp Game Features

  • Simple but deep mechanics
  • Play vs. another players recordings
  • Beat the Developer
  • Global Highscore
  • Lots of Particles and Bullets

Beat the Developer

You can play against the Developer inWill  Glow the Wisp, but only the best players will be able to handle this challenge. Do you want to give it a try?

Will Glow The Wisp is a unique yet simple platformer with a great focus on intuitive controls and aesthetic visuals.