Windows 11 Holidays Season Wallpaper – Download Now

Windows 11 Holidays Season Wallpaper – Microsoft officially released a holiday-themed desktop wallpaper. According to Microsoft, the new custom Windows 11 desktop wallpaper is available to help you celebrate the forthcoming holidays.

Kervin Brisseaux, a Haitian American creative director based in New York City, developed this new custom desktop wallpaper.

Brisseaux designed a new abstract artwork to match the new Windows 11 operating system design.

In regards to the wallpaper, here is what Brisseaux has to say:

“What inspires me varies as much as the weather, but recently I’ve been drawn to brilliant hues, patterns, and designs that experiment with shapes in both minimal and dense compositions,” Brisseaux explains. “I’ve always been motivated thematically by pop culture and what’s currently playing through my headphones.”

The abstract artwork, which you can view below, combines Windows 11’s redesigned design with the beautiful, vivid essence of the holidays.

Brisseaux imagined the light and brilliant components of his visual story for his background track using Windows 11’s new color palette and softer, more approachable graphics.

Windows 11 Holidays Season Wallpaper Preview
Preview the New Wallpaper

Soft floral elements and ribbons complement the operating system’s modern and inviting rounded geometry, all while evoking holiday gift-giving customs.

Although this wallpaper was designed for Windows 11, it can be used on any operating system, including Windows 10, Windows XP, and Linux. It’s a simple JPG file that can be seen on any device. You can even put it on your smartphone’s home screen.

The following is the technical details of the new Windows 11 Holidays Season Wallpaper:

  • The file name is MS holiday wallpaper HIRES-scaled.jpg.
  • The image file type is JPG (.jpg)
  • The file size is 515 KB
  • The image’s resolution is 2560 x 1707.
  • Resolution: 96 dots per inch

You can get Brisseaux’s design from Microsoft. Download Windows 11 Holidays Season Wallpaper from here.

This new wallpaper’s official announcement can be seen on the Microsoft blog.

About Windows 11:

Windows 11, the next generation of the world’s most popular operating system, is now out and it’s incredible! It brings with it a plethora of updates, new functionality, and applications. Of course, as a result of the change, there is uncertainty, dissatisfaction, and a loss of user confidence.