How to get Windscribe VPN 30GB voucher

Windscribe is a great VPN! Been using this VPN now for a very long time. Would highly recommend Windscribe to anyone who wants to take their VPN usage seriously. I perform a few hops with having this on multiple devices including my router. Speed is great and quality has been top notch. Been part of the BETA test for a while too – the team rocks!

Turn on 2FA as it is available to accounts – good security precaution too.

Easy to use VPN client​

Windscribe VPN - 30 GB per month

The application comes with a user-friendly and modern interface, which is distinguished by a well-thought-out structure and intuitiveness. To get started, just select the desired server, and Windscribe VPN will automatically create an encrypted connection that will ensure anonymity and privacy while surfing.

The application has a built-in firewall feature that allows you to disable all connections that are not established through a VPN. Thus, Windscribe VPN provides an extra layer of protection by preventing your real IP address from being leaked. The function will be very useful when restarting the computer or when the Wi-Fi connection suddenly fails.

Windscribe VPN – 30 GB per month for 1 year​

To get 30 GB per month for 1 year, follow these steps:

  • Go to the page .
  • Create a new free account by selecting Have a Voucher? and entering the following Voucher Code: PEACE and then click on the Create Account button . To activate the code, you must provide and confirm your email address.
Have a voucher?
  • Or use an existing account to enter a Voucher Code in the Account Status > Request Voucher menu if the amount of traffic for the account you are using is less than 30 GB per month.
Request Voucher