Windscribe VPN – Free 1 Year License

Get a free Windscribe VPN license. Use 20 gigabytes of traffic every month for 1 year on Windows, Mac and Linux computers, Android or iPhone devices, extensions to Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers. Encrypt your internet connection and gain access to blocked sites. Windscribe VPN makes you invisible on the Internet and gives you access to blocked sites. Just select the country you need, and the applicationwill take care of your privacyusing VPN technology. Windscribe VPN – allows you to anonymously surf the Internet bypassing regional restrictions by changing the proxy server , blocks annoying ads and prevents the leakage of personal information of a computer or mobile device user.

Windscribe VPN - Free License

Windscribe VPN

Windscribe VPN encrypts your Internet traffic, does not intercept DNS information, and does not snoop. Feel free to use the service preventing hackers from stealing your information on public Wi-Fi networks, protect yourself from annoying advertisers who harass every Internet visitor.

Windscribe VPN hides your IP address securely. This gives unlimited and private access to entertainment, news sites and blocked content in various countries around the world.

Windscribe VPN Features

  • Uses the strongest encryption method AES-256 with SHA512 authentication and 4096-bit RSA key.
  • Minimalistic clients for all current platforms to get you started instantly.
  • The largest Windscribe network, servers are located in more than 60 countries and 110 cities.
  • The ability to block malware and ads on all your devices.
  • No accounting for identity, IP and time.
Windscribe VPN - Locations

How To Get A Free 1 Year Windscribe VPN License

1 . Go to the offer page , click the Download Windscribe Now button and register.

Windscribe VPN offer page

2 . Take the voucher code directly on the page or in the received letter.

3 . Open the registration page, enter your details, click on ” Have a Voucher? “, Enter the received code and click on the ” Create Account ” button . 4 . Confirm your email address. Download the appropriate client from the download page and install using your account details: Supported operating systems and browsers : Windows , macOS, Linux, Android and iOS, extensions for

Create your free Windscribe VPN account

Download Windscribe VPN

Chrome , Firefox and Opera.

Login to the application

Note . You can use an existing account (if the traffic is less than 20 GB), enter the voucher in the ” Account Status ” section by clicking the ” Request Voucher ” button .

You must confirm your email address before the voucher code can be redeemed.

Request a Voucher

Features of Windscribe VPN Free License

  • #Twenty gigabytes of traffic are provided every month for 1 year.
  • For computers on Windows , Mac, Linux, Android and iPhone devices, extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers.
  • Updates for new versions and free technical support.
  • Personal use only.