WinExt Batch Operator Free 1 Year License -Perform Bulk Operations

WinExt Batch Operator is a Windows file management tool that lets you perform file and folder operations in bulk. You can delete, rename, change attributes and other properties of files/folders.

If you want to organize your files and folders or eliminate unnecessary files to declutter your hard drive, then WinExt Batch Operator is the best tool.

Using this Windows app, you can list handpicked files and folders from various parts of your computer, which can be deleted, renamed, or moved to other locations.

Features or Functions:

1.Move to Recycle Bin

Select some unnecessary files/folders, and then click the same icon to move them to the system Recycle Bin at once. If you carelessly delete the needful resources, you can recover them from the system Recycle Bin.

2.Permanently Delete

Click this icon to permanently delete the selected files/folders in batch mode. Be careful, the deleted resources cannot be 100% recovered for most PC users.

3.Copy / Move to Other Place

Click the corresponding icon to perform the bulk copying or moving action for the selected files/folders. WEBO will guide you to select a target place for copying or moving operations.

WinExt Batch Operator UI

4.Output Information

You can output the following information of the selected resources to the txt/CSV/Xls/xlsx file: header, name, path, full path, size, type, date created, and date modified. And you can specify the unit and precision for size.

5.Change Properties

Click this button to modify the properties of selected files/folders in batch mode: Archive, Read-only, Hidden, System, Date Created, and Date Modified.

6.Rename Resources

Bulk renaming the target files/folders with the following features: renaming templates manager, * wildcard = original filename, # wildcard = serial number, capitalize the first letter, change filename/extension to lowercase/uppercase, preview before doing the permanent renaming.

Get WinExt Batch Operator for Free:

Download the installer from the developer page [742 KB].

Install the software, launch the app, and on the main window, click “Trail Version” then select the ‘Input License key’ option.

Enter the below License code, your name, and activate the full version

License KeySJS

WinExt Batch Operator License Code