Wise Hotkey Pro Full Version for Free – Quick launch any app

Wise Hotkey Pro from Wise Cleaner is an efficient and easy-to-use tool that can help you enhance your computer productivity. Users can quickly assign hotkeys to certain applications, files, and web pages with its assistance.

Customize your shortcut keys using this Windows Hotkey Software. Users can set up shortcut keys for programs based on their keyboard usage habits. With a single keyboard shortcut, you can switch to a specific application.

Users will be drawn to this program’s clean and easy-to-use interface when they open it. The software pre-assigns combination keys to certain folders and applications.

Wise Hotkey allows you to create two sets of keyboard shortcuts: nine use the [Alt] function key and nine use the [Ctrl] key. The keyboard shortcuts are configured in a clear control panel, where the icon of the currently running application and the associated keyboard shortcuts are always visible.

Wise Hotkey Pro UI

Users can also easily get rid of, change, or add other apps, folders, or websites. You can get rid of the items you made by clicking the X in the top right corner.

If you want to add or change a new application, folder, or website, please click the “+” sign. If you’re using Wise Hotkey for the first time, when you click the “+” sign, it will take 3 to 5 seconds for the program to look through all of the installed apps. And the time it takes to find something depends on how many apps you have installed.

Then you’ll see a list of apps, folders, and websites that are already set up. Also, users will find it easier to look for the app if they type its keywords here.

If you want to add an app, folder, or website that isn’t on the list, click the big “Add” button at the bottom. Wise Hotkey also makes it easy to open network folders quickly.

Get Wise Hotkey Pro for Free:

Download the  Wise Hotkey Pro software (v1.2.8.58) either from this link or from this link[3 MB].

Install the pre-activated software after you’ve downloaded it. Launch the program, and you’re done. Utilize the full version, there’s no need for a license key.