WonderFox Document Manager Full Version for Free [Windows]

WonderFox Document Manager is a Windows tool for organizing & managing documents on your PC very easily. With this app, you can Encrypt/Lock/Hide documents or files.

The Indexing feature of the software lists all files or documents on your PC or hard disk, this helps you search for documents and you can backup documents with a click.

This windows software supports document formats such as Word (.doc,.docx), Excel (.xls,.xlsx), PPT (.ppt,.pptx), and PDF.

WonderFox Document Manager is an all-in-one documents management program. With it, you can manage your daily office documents conveniently.

You can list and backup all target electronic documents in a short time, instead of searching and backup them one by one. You can protect your office documents by Locking, Hiding and Encryption to prevent accidental deletion or protect your privacy.

WonderFox Document Manager - Main Window


1.Advanced Search

The Search function of this document manager allows users to search several target files (maximally 8 keywords) at one time and with a super-fast response. The search results will be listed in the document list for you to easily find the target documents.

2.Protect Document Content

Offers 2 solutions to protect your document content. The “Lock” feature locks your document and anybody cannot open it unless you unlock it through WonderFox Document Manager. The  “Hide” feature hides your document that nobody can find in your disk drive.

3.Easily Classify Documents

Better manage and organize document files with the “Move” feature.

4.Index Document Files

Get the full list of the target document files.

  • One-click Backup Documents
  • Support MS Word/Excel/PPT and PDF

Using this software is simple and easy when you launch the WonderFox Document Manager for the first time.

You will see a dialogue box, click the “Index” button, and then all of your document files (Word, Excel, PPT, and PDF) will be classified accordingly.

You can notice all the functions or features on the main window of the Document manager.

WonderFox Document Manager Features

Get WonderFox Document Manager for Free:

All you need to do is to download the setup file or installer from this developer page.

Install and launch the software, then activate it with below license code.


That’s it, enjoy the full version for free.

Note: Above code offers a lifetime license for version 1.2.

WonderFox Document Manager license key