WSA PacMan Software – Install Android apps in Windows 11

WSA PacMan is a really simple and intuitive software that helps you to easily install Android Apps in Windows 11.

There have been varied reactions to the introduction of Android app support in Windows 11. The fact that only the Amazon Appstore is supported has led people to look for ways to sideload apps.

WSA, which stands for Windows Subsystem for Android, doesn’t have Google Play Store or any other Google apps. Instead, you get the Amazon Appstore as the built-in way to get third-party apps.

Although, you can manually download and install apps. But there is no simple way to manage all of the apps that have been installed. You’ll need to install a launcher, this is where WSA PacMan shows up!

WSA PacMan is a great tool that makes it easy to sideload apps without having to fight with ADB commands. It’s also very easy to use.


According to the developer, the software is a graphical package manager and installer for the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA).

If you want to give it a try, ensure that your Windows 11 system has WSA installed and enabled. Then, navigate to settings and enable the debugging option, which is required for PacMan to function properly.

You can get the most recent version of WSA-PacMan software from its GitHub releases page.

You can either install it on your Windows 11 computer or unzip the portable version of the app to run it without having to install it first.

The software will connect automatically to the WSA, and if you designate it as the default app for handling Android APK files, it will launch in WSA-PacMan whenever you double-click an APK.

If you double-click an.apk file, PacMan will show you the app’s package, permissions, icon, and version. It also lets you install the app, upgrade or downgrade it, and uninstall it.

WSA PacMan Settings