Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield: A Thrilling Adventure Now Free

Aerial Knight’s Never Yield is an exciting new PC game, and it’s now available for free at the Epic Games Store! Anyone who enjoys high-stakes, action-packed games should play this one.

What is Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield?

A futuristic Detroit influenced by Tokyo serves as the setting for this 3D side-scrolling action game.

Run, leap, and slide your way around the city as you play as Wally, a strange guy, dodging attackers and obstacles at every turn. With its distinctive visual style and infectious soundtrack, the game transports players into a world of pure immersion.

The Story:

Witness as Wally and Lone, two brothers, fight for the survival of their kingdom and a path back to safety. Who is their enemy? The tyrannical monarch, their karmic aunt.

Powerful voice acting by BIPOC performers gives the characters dimension, while the game’s afro-futurist look makes the cityscape come to life.


  • Race through neon-lit streets as you control Wally and Lone in this high-speed racing action game. With grace and style, you can bash enemies, glide under barriers, and jump over obstacles.
  • Collaborate with a friend in the local cooperative mode. Playing as one brother is an exciting multiplayer experience.
  • For the highest level of difficulty, you can use a single controller or keyboard to command both brothers at once using the single-player split-control option.
  • Thrilling Music: Composed by Detroit artist Danime-Sama, the score will have your heart racing as you conquer challenging levels and boss fights.

Get Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield for Free:

The Epic Games Store is currently offering Aerial Knight’s Never Yield for free until Thursday, March 7. The regular price of the game for PC is $11.99.

  • Just go to this page in the Epic Games Store, sign in, or make an account,
  • Press the “Get” button to confirm your purchase and go on to the checkout page. Confirm your order.
  • Open the Epic Games Store client on your computer.
  • You can locate the game in your library of games. Click the “Install” button to download and play the game.


Aerial Knight’s Never Yield is a must-play indie game because of its thrilling action, interesting plot, and breathtaking visuals. Pick up your complimentary copy right now at the Epic Games Store! You should add this gem to your collection of games.