FILTER FORGE – Image Editing App or Plugin Free License [Win & Mac]

FILTER FORGE, a widely used image editing tool compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, serves as a versatile standalone application and Photoshop plugin. With it, you can effortlessly craft textures and effects to elevate the quality and professionalism of your images.

For both 3D artists and photographers, this tool stands as the ultimate and efficient choice for digital creators.

It offers an array of textures and effects, including organic structures, metallic and rocky surfaces, distortions, abstract patterns, colour adjustments, and more.

All filters are fully adjustable, editable, support tiling, and are resolution-independent, ensuring compatibility with real-world HDRI lighting.

These filters are invaluable for artists who work on 3D models, architectural visualization, and high-quality game content. They can produce diffuse, specular, bump, and normal maps, providing essential resources for these creative endeavours.

The image editing software features a vast online library of over 13,800 ready-to-use textures and effects, with new filters added regularly.

Users can effortlessly customize existing filters or create their own using a user-friendly visual editor, with no coding skills needed.

In summary, this is premium graphics software for texture creation, visual effects, map rendering, and image processing.

Also, it’s a must-have Photoshop plugin for designers (both novice and pro ).

Filter Forge 9

Key Features:

Filter Forge 9.0 offers several exciting new features and enhancements.

  • Full PBR support: Can generate and pack textures for Unity 2018 and Unreal Engine 4, including textures for albedo, height, normal, roughness, metallic, emission, and occlusion channels.
  • Note component: The note component allows users to add comments and notes to filters and presets. This can be useful for documenting filter structure, usage, or other important information.
  • Preset notes: Users can now add names and descriptions to presets, which can help to organize and manage preset libraries.
  • Other improvements: It also brings several enhancements, like an updated Export Dialog, support for filter stacking in plugin mode, and bug fixes.

How to Use Filter Forge 9.0 to Create Stunning Images

While a potent tool, it may seem daunting to newcomers. Here’s a concise guide on using Filter Forge to craft impressive images:

  1. Choose a filter or effect: Select a filter or effect from a library of over 13,800 user-made options or create your own.
  2. Adjust filter settings as needed, experimenting with different configurations.
  3. Preview filter results in real-time to visualize the impact on your image.
  4. Apply the chosen filter when you’re satisfied with the outcome.
  5. Save your custom filter, or presets for future use.

Filter Forge 9.0 Professional Edition Giveaway:

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Filter Forge Giveaway Registration Form

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After downloading the trial version of Filter Forge 9.0 Professional and requesting a key, use the fully functional 30-day trial while you wait for the key to arrive in your inbox (or spam folder).

Upon receiving the key, open your trial version, go to Help > Enter License Key in the main menu, and enter your key. Your Filter Forge is now registered and permanently yours.

Filter Forge 9 Trail