WingetUI 2.1.1 Released

WingetUI is a free graphical user interface for WINGET that lets you install, remove, and update multiple programs at once on Windows 11 or 10 computers.

The primary goal of this free app is to make an easy-to-use user interface for the most popular CLI package managers for Windows 10 and Windows 11, like Winget, Scoop, and Chocolatey.

With WingetUI, you can download, install, update, and remove any software available on the package managers it supports.

You may have heard of package managers like Winget, Scoop, or Chocolatey if you use Windows and like to keep your software up-to-date.

With a single command, these command-line tools let you update, install, or remove the software from different sources.

But not everyone is comfortable with the command-line interface and may prefer a more visual way to manage their packages.

That is where WingetUI comes in.

What is WingetUI?

This graphical user interface for the Windows Package Manager makes it simple to manage package installations using Winget. It is a standalone application that enables users to search for, install, and uninstall software packages without requiring a command-line interface.

WingetUI installation dialog

WingetUI’s most notable features are:

  • It supports installing, updating, and removing packages from the package managers Winget, Scoop, and Chocolatey.
  • It also supports upgrading and removing currently installed packages.
  • It can uninstall pre-installed Windows programs.
  • It may check your manually installed apps for updates.
  • It supports the installation of Windows applications in bulk.
  • When installing an app, the user gets to choose which version to use.
  • It will inform the user of the success or failure of the installation, upgrade, or uninstallation.
  • Ability to queue installations to avoid conflicts.
  • It has a dark mode that makes it easy to work in low-light settings.
  • Information about packages (license, SHA256 hash, homepage, etc.) is displayed prior to installation.
  • 5801+ packages, including Google Chrome, WhatsApp, Adobe Reader, and ADB Tools, are available for installation.
Wingut UI update dialog

How to get WingetUI?

There are multiple installation methods for WingetUI.

One option is to get the most recent setup file from their GitHub repository and run it.

Alternatively, you can use the following PowerShell or the command prompt.

winget install wingetui

Once you install the app, you can launch and install, update, and uninstall packages.

WIngetUI-Install via Command prompt