ForceDelete Pro Free License – Delete files & Folders that won’t delete without killing Processes

ForceDelete Pro is a small but effective software program that enables you quickly unlock files in use so you can delete or shred them.

You probably already know that you can’t delete a document that’s open in an app. This implies that if an application has crashed or is not responding, the only method to solve it is to wait for it to recover or end its process from the Task Manager and then delete the file in question.

You could also use ForceDelete, a small tool made just for this purpose. This is a handy and useful Windows program that lets you delete files or folders that are being used by other programs and can’t be deleted.

When you try to delete a file or folder on Windows, you may get the error message “Cannot delete file: Access is denied” or “The file is being used by another program.” That means that the files and folders are locked in Windows and can’t be deleted normally. You can fix these problems and delete files and folders by force with ForceDelete.

ForceDelete Pro UI

ForceDelete Pro GUI:

You merely need to drag and drop the files you wish to delete onto the main window; the interface is basic and extremely user-friendly. You can set the app to automatically delete the file in question, and you can also set it to end the process that was blocking the file in the first place.

Also, if you want to make sure that no one can restore the file, you can check the “Shred Files” box. This way, your personal information will be out of reach for everyone, no matter what software they are using.

ForceDelete also adds two shortcuts to the context menu, so you can easily unlock or delete files by using the right mouse button menu. To put it another way, you don’t have to open its main window every time you want to unlock a file or just delete it. Instead, you can just right-click an item.

ForceDelete in Context Menu

The app also has a batch mode for the command line. You can delete many files and folders at once by running forcedelete.exe from the command line.

ForceDelete Features:

  1. Drag & Drop Mode.
  2. Forcibly Delete Files & Folders.
  3. Unlock Files are in Use by Other Processes.
  4. Delete Files without Closing Other Programs.
  5. Context Menu Shortcuts.
  6. Shred Files, Unrecoverable.
  7. Batch / Command Line Mode.
  8. Tiny: File Size is 832 KB Only.
  9. 100% Malware and Adware Clean.

Get ForceDelete Pro for Free:

Just download the giveaway version installer either from this link or from this link[832.5 KB].

Install and launch the app, on the main window click “Upgrade Pro” on the bottom right corner.

Enter the below license code and hit the “OK” button.

Serial Code or LicenseQC32ERRBN577P

ForceDelete Pro Serial