The Lonely Hacker Android Game Available for Free [24 Hrs Only]

  1. Big open world with all the real countries to travel to and hack every device possible.

You will be able to use realistic exploits to take control of anything from smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers to
highly secure infrastructures such as SCADA controllers inside power plants, and satellite communication networks.

Steal Wi-Fi keys, usernames and passwords, credit card details,
PIN numbers, research files, IDs, and much more.

  1. Realistic hacking software and hardware

All the devices found inside the game and all the hacking apps and software are inspired in real life. Play with hacking gadgets like the Rubber Ducky or the Wi-Fi Pineapple designed by Hak5, Malduino, and Elite from Maltronics, and many more!

The Lonely Hacker Game features
  1. Mini-games -when you get tired of hacking

Inside the special operation system simulated within this game, you will find fun and addictive mini-games you can play
while waiting for a hack to complete or just when you need to relax a bit from all the stressful missions you will be engaged in.

Create your own botnet and use it to mine bitcoins, execute DDoS attacks, and many other botnet-related attacks.

Generate infected files, trojans, back doors, worms, and a wide variety of viruses. Experience the full array of exploits available today on the world wide web
in a safe environment and without doing anything illegal.