Franzis Analog Projects 3 Premium for Free-Create Vintage Photos

Franzis Analog Projects is a photo editing software that allows you to apply stunning retro effects on your photos, taking them from ordinary to extraordinary.

About Analog Projects 3:

This tool offers a full range of editing options, turning your images into retro masterpieces.

Edit your photos effortlessly with this software. Apply stunning retro effects and fine-tune them using a variety of filters.

Analog Projects Version 3 brings you four new photo style categories and 49 extra presets.

Now you can easily replicate the distinctive look of 60s and 70s cameras like Kodak Instamatic or Agfamatic.

Explore 29 new filters and effects, including exposure errors, light solarization, shading, Holga-style lens effects, Lomography-style, and more. Enjoy the enhanced options for creative photo editing.

Franzis Analog Projects UI

Key Features:

  • Achieve the finest color details with professional SCA processing.
  • Ensure flawless photos with the scratch and sensor glitch corrector.
  • Authentic retro feel: Explore new presets calibrated by photographers.
  • Versatile use: Prepare images for post-processing with Analog Projects.
  • Seamless Integration: Works as a plugin with Photoshop CS6/CC2014/CC and as an add-on with Elements 11/12/13.
  • Format Versatility: Supports RAW images for high-quality, detail-rich editing.
  • User-Friendly Design: Modern interface with customizable, dockable panels for all user levels.
  • Image Preparation Function: Simplifies setup with standard settings for beginners, and advanced adjustments for seasoned users.
  • Vintage Filters and Presets: Over 49 presets and 29 filters for classic camera effects from brands like Kodak and Agfa.
  • Artistic Enhancements: Experiment with light solarization, shading, Lomography-style effects, and more.
  • Comprehensive Editing Tools: Correct scratches, and sensor glitches, use aura and polar filters for a unique retro look.
  • Real-Time Processing: View and adjust effects in real time for instant and efficient editing results.

Get Franzis Analog Projects 3 Premium for Free:

  • Visit this new giveaway page or this link
  • Provide your email address and check the two boxes to agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Click the send button.
  • Check your email for a confirmation message from Franzis (
  • Open the email, copy the confirmation link, and paste it into a new tab to verify your email.
  • Wait for another email from Franzis. This email will have your activation details, including your customer ID and registration code (serial number).
  • Download the installer only from this link or this link
  • Extract the file, and inside, you’ll discover installers for both Windows and Mac. Run the installer on your computer.
  • When prompted, enter your registration code or serial number
  • Click the “Activate now” button to start the installation process.
  • Complete the installation process.


Analog Projects 3 by Franzis isn’t just a photo editor; it takes you back in time. Use it to add the classic charm of retro styles to your modern photos.

Whether you’re a pro broadening your portfolio or a beginner delving into vintage photography, Analog Projects 3 gives you the tools and freedom to turn your ideas into impressive retro creations.