How to Get Operation Center 2024 Premium for Free: A Powerful File Manager for Windows

Need a file manager to replace Windows Explorer? Consider trying Operation Center 2024 Premium. Compared to Windows Explorer, this program is a universal file manager with many advantages, including speed, convenience, and flexibility. And for a limited time, it’s free! How outstanding is that?

What is Operation Center 2024 Premium?

If you’re using Windows, Operation Center is a great file manager to have on hand. With its two-window interface, moving files and folders between multiple locations is as easy as dragging and dropping.

You can also use this feature, similar to a web browser, to open multiple tabs on each window. This allows you to navigate to different folders without having to switch windows.

Beyond its primary function as a file organizer, Operation Center offers a plethora of useful extras. Use it to do a lot of different things, like edit text files, manage images, record audio, capture screenshots, and more. Also, it comes with several helpful tools that may optimize your PC, clean your disks, and locate duplicate files.

Why Should You Use Operation Center 2024 Premium?

Anyone who uses Windows to manage files and folders will find Operation Center to be an invaluable tool. To name just a few advantages, consider these:

  • Compared to Windows Explorer, it’s far quicker. There is less clicking and waiting time required to sort, copy, transfer, and remove folders and files.
  • Compared to Windows Explorer, it’s much more convenient. Alter the colors, select from nine various designs, and personalize the user interface. Also, you have the option to bookmark your preferred applications and folders for easy access.
  • It has greater flexibility than Windows Explorer. It has features that Windows Explorer lacks, like the ability to edit images, record audio, and locate duplicate files.

How to Get Operation Center 2024 Premium for Free?

You are in luck if you are looking to give Operation Center a try.

Thanks to the German webpage CHIP, for a limited time, you can get the unlock code for the premium version for free.

Visit this special giveaway page (German language) set by CHIP magazine, wait for a few seconds, and the webpage will display the unlock code similar to the below screenshot.

Copy the unlock code.

Download the software from the developer page.

Install the software, launch it and when the activation screen appears, click “Unlock” and enter the code to activate the premium version.

That’s it!



One alternative to Windows Explorer is Operation Center 2024 Premium, a file manager. Compared to Windows Explorer, it is quicker, easier, and more adaptable. Besides the core capabilities, it offers plenty of other tools that can improve your PC and file management.