VOVSOFT Tree Notes Giveaway: Free License

Are you in search of an easy method to arrange all of your information, reminders, and notes? Check out the Tree Notes by VovSoft! You can organize your notes in a tree-like form with this user-friendly tool.

And you know what? A free license (normally $19) can be yours. However, this deal will expire on March 3, 2024, so don’t delay. Read on to find out what Tree Notes is and how to get your hands on it for free!

What is VovSoft Tree Notes, and Why You Need It

Use this Windows desktop app to write plenty of notes and arrange them in a tree-like format. It provides an easy-to-use platform for creating, organizing, and finding your notes quickly, offering a pleasant blend of simplicity and sophistication.

The tree-like layout allows you to organize your notes in a way that’s easy to see at a glance.

Key Benefits of Using Tree Notes

  • Hierarchical Structure: Using a hierarchical framework, you can easily arrange your ideas, information, and thoughts.
  • Rich Text Editing: Take advantage of rich text editing features like bold, italics, underlines, bullet points, and adjustable fonts and styles to elevate your note-taking experience.
  • Single File Storage: You can back up and transfer all of your notes with ease by storing them in a single file.
  • Import & Export: You have the option to import and export your notes in a variety of formats, including plain text (TXT) and rich text format (RTF).
  • Free License Offer: You can get a license worth $19 for free until March 3, 2024.

How Do Tree Notes Work?

With Tree Notes, making new notes is a breeze, and indenting child notes is as easy as clicking a button.

The built-in editor allows you to preview the content of each note on the right side of the window. Similar to Notepad, the text editor comes with basic formatting options that let you add bullet points, change the font, and apply bold, italic, and underlined styles.

Unfortunately, this note-taking app does not now support the ability to pin notes to the desktop for easy access. However, don’t let this limitation stop you from discovering the other significant features that this tool offers.

Two Versions Available:

Both a desktop version and a portable version of Tree Notes are available. Although they are functionally the same, the portable version has certain extra benefits, such as allowing you to use it anywhere without affecting the system registry.

VOVSOFT Tree Notes Giveaway

If you’re interested in giving Tree Notes a try, you can get a free license by following these steps:

  1. Go to this Vovsoft promotion page: https://vovsoft.com/giveaway/free-tree-notes-2024/
  2. Depending on your option, you can download either the desktop installer or the portable version.
  3. Following the completion of the installation on your Windows PC, run the application.
  4. Type the following license key into the Activation Panel when asked: The license code is 5MU1B-TBJQA-69UNJ.

That’s all! Your complimentary Tree Notes license has been activated. Right now, you have access to all the features of this robust note-taking program.


Effortlessly write, organize, and access your notes with VovSoft Tree Notes, a hierarchical note-taking program. It stores all of your files in one convenient location, has an intuitive UI, a powerful search function, and an editor that can handle rich text documents.

Anyone who needs a better way to organize their data and keep track of key things can use it.