MouseJiggle – Prevent screen locking in Windows- Get it for Free

MouseJiggle is a small windows application that prevents your computer from going to sleep, eliminating the need for you to constantly move the mouse.

If you leave your computer idle for an extended amount of time, it will either go into sleep mode or activate a screensaver. It is very inconvenient when it happens when you are reading an article or watching a lengthier movie. MouseJiggle is one of the programs available to help with this issue.

Simply reading the name of this application will give you a good idea of what it performs. MouseJiggle essentially moves the mouse pointer discreetly, preventing the machine from going to sleep. In other words, the PC is kept awake without requiring you to change the default settings.

MouseJiggle - Prevent screen locking in Windows

Following a brief installation procedure, you will see that the application is operating in the background. The system tray area contains an icon for it, which is displayed directly next to the desktop clock.

It does not have a standard interface because there are no major settings to deal with. As a result, double-clicking on the tray icon will not bring up the application’s window. Instead, right-click on it and set MouseJiggle to launch automatically when the current user logs in.

There are also options to enable or disable it. To put it another way, MouseJiggle can be deactivated without exiting the application.

MouseJiggle jiggles the mouse cursor back and forth without interfering with your work, preventing the screensaver from appearing at an inconvenient time. This application is useful in any scenario where screen locking must be avoided.

Additionally, the package is lightweight, and the application takes absolutely little resources to run silently in the system tray in the background.

Get MouseJiggle v1.0 for Free:

Download the Giveaway version Zip file from this link or here[1.8 MB].

Extracting the zip file you will notice the installer and a readme text file with a license code or registration key.

Run the installer, finish the installation process.

When you run the software for the first time, an activation window will appear.

Click the “Activate Online Now” button and enter the license code from the “read me” file.

Click the “Next” button to begin using the full version.

MouseJiggle license code