Python For Beginners eBook for Free – Kindle Edition

Python For Beginners is an ebook written by Timothy C. Needham that is generally available on Amazon for $17.97. It is now available for free.

Python is a straightforward yet powerful programming language that enables you to immediately begin thinking like a coder.

It is extremely readable, and the stress that many beginners experience when learning obscure grammar as offered by other programming languages will have no effect on you. On the other hand, you will be able to focus only on programming concepts and paradigms.

This ebook will introduce you to a simple seven-day approach for learning Python.

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About Python For Beginners eBook

Without a question, code is the future’s language. Consider this. With an ever-increasing reliance on computers, one of the most crucial skills that everyone in the world today can acquire is the ability to communicate with computers in a language they understand and command them to perform any task they desire.

If you want to become a programmer, web developer, or graphics designer,

or if you just want to learn how to create your own web apps and other computerized systems, the only thing you need to do is get started someplace.

Python is an excellent place to begin.

Python For Beginners ebook

This Book Is Perfect For:

  • Total beginners with zero programming experience.
  • Returning professionals who haven’t written code in years.
  • Seasoned professionals looking for a fast, simple, crash course in Python.

Here is what you’ll learn after downloading this Python for Beginners book:

  • Chapter 1: Python: A Comprehensive Background.
  • Chapter 2: How to Download and Install Python.
  • Chapter 3: Python Glossary.
  • Chapter 4: Interacting with Python.
  • Chapter 5: Using Turtle for a Simple Drawing.
  • Chapter 6: Variables.
  • Chapter 7: Loops.
  • Chapter 8: Native Python Datatypes.
  • Chapter 9: Python Dictionaries.
  • Chapter 10: Boolean Logic and Conditional Statements.
  • Chapter 11: Constructing ‘While’ Loops In Python.
  • Chapter 12: Constructing ‘For Loops’ In Python Programming.
  • Chapter 13: Constructing Classes and Defining Objects.