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Resilience for Dummies by Dr. Eva Selhub helps you learn how to be more resilient. Dr. Eva Selhub, the ebook’s author, discusses the six pillars of resilience, why resilience is vital, and how to tap into your personal resilience reserve when circumstances are bad.

In this ebook, Dr. Eva Selhub, a former Harvard Medical School instructor and the director of the Benson Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital for six years, talks about the proven steps we can all take to build healthy, more purposeful, and more joyful lives.

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About Resilience For Dummies:

Our world has been hit by a pandemic, and we’re worried about the future, our finances, how to teach our kids while still working, or how to stay healthy. We’re living in a time where facing adversity is the norm, not the exception.

It’s time to find ways to thrive, not just give up. In other words, we need to become more flexible with how we think and how we react to problems and setbacks, all while still being able to work at a high level.

Resilience is an inborn mechanism that we all have to help us cope with tough environments and adversity. It’s a natural reaction. The beauty of this is that we only need to tap into it, which can be learned and grown.

Some examples of resilience:
The child who overcame bullying to earn valedictorian status, the mother who survived breast cancer and now leads a nonprofit to educate women about breast cancer, or the athlete who lost a limb in the Boston Marathon bombing but continues to run marathons with a prosthesis are all excellent instances of resilience.

While these individuals appear unusual, the reality is that resilience manifests itself in our daily lives. Our lives go off track when we have a setback or fail to do something right. We use that setback to learn and grow so that we can come back even stronger and more successful than before. It happens when your heart is broken in a relationship, and after you cry for a while, you start to go out with new people again. It happens when you push yourself more in a certain sport or when you get better at beating a sickness.

The six pillars of resilience:

  • Physical well-being
  • Emotional equilibrium
  • Mental toughness
  • Clear thinking
  • Spiritual purpose
  • Healthy personal relationships
  • Being an inspiring leader and part of a larger community or team.

Dr. Selhub’s six pillars of resilience show you how to use your inner strength to deal with any problems that come your way, and how to come out on top when you’re done with them.

It is important to have these strong foundations to deal with stress, hardship, and failure head-on, says Dr. Selhub. Strengthening these foundations gives us the strength we need to make changes in both our lives at home and at work.