StartMenu 8 Pro Free License – Customized Start Menu for Windows 10

Start Menu 8 Pro is a desktop application for users who dislike the start screen in Windows 10 and Windows 8.

You may restore both the original Start button and Start Menu with this Iobit software and tweak them to your liking.

You can choose a button that looks like the old Windows 7 button or your favorite picture can be the start button in Windows 8 and 10 styles. With a single click, you may toggle between the Windows 10 and classic start menus.

Start Menu 8 Pro is a simple-to-use Windows software that restores the familiar Windows 7 style to the Windows 10 start menu and enables additional customization with a few mouse clicks.

Start Menu 8 restores the local search bar and replaces it with Cortana.

With Start Menu 8, you can simply customize your taskbar’s appearance, including its color, alpha, and system time display.

Start Menu 8 Pro UI

Additionally, you can merge taskbar buttons with a single click and conceal the Cortana/Search box and virtual desktops button, which take up significant taskbar space.

Following a fast installation, the software instantly installs the Start button and menu on your machine, eliminating the need for any additional configuration.

You may examine a list of all installed apps on your computer and quickly access Documents, Pictures, Music, and Games. The program enables you to pin items to the Start menu and browse a list of all modern apps.

Additionally, you may create custom groups to organize your applications and easily drag and drop programs onto the Start button’s icon to add them to the Start menu.

You may do searches and initiate one of the shutdown sessions (e.g. shut down, restart, log off, switch user).

StartMenu 8 Pro Free 6 Months License:

Download StratMenu 8 from here[11.7 MB].

Run the installer and complete the installation process.

When you start the software for the first time, you will see a window that asks you to activate the software.

Click “Already have License Code”.

Enter the below license code.


Finally hit the “Register” button.

That’s it.

Note: The above license code offers the subscription till July 14, 2022.

Start Menu 8 Pro License