SurFlex Screen Recorder Free License [Windows & Mac]

Screen recording is a must-have tool for everyone in the modern digital world, including content providers, educators, and corporations.

The SurFlex Screen Recorder by Nablamind is one particular standout solution. With this intuitive 4K screen recorder, you can easily capture any region of your screen thanks to its flexible recording options.

About SurFlex Screen Recorder:

Is screen recording an essential tool for you in your line of work as a teacher, gamer, or creative professional?

If you’re seeking a desktop screen recording software that lets you easily make videos that appear professional, your search ends with SurFlex.

Whether you’re using Windows or Mac, this flexible solution provides a wealth of capabilities to elevate your recording experience.

The robust feature set of SurFlex makes it superior to standard screen recording solutions. For tutorials, gameplay sessions, or software demos, you have the option to record the full screen, a specified area, or individual windows. This gives you a lot of versatility.

Plus, SurFlex effortlessly incorporates audio recording. If you want to add narration to your recordings to make them more interesting and useful, you can record either the microphone or the system sound.

Key Features:

  • Record Anything: Whether it’s the full screen, a selected area, an app, a game, or a live stream, record it all with ease.
  • Webcam Magic: Tutorial videos, vlogs, presentations, and remote meetings are all made easier with the app, which allows you to focus on both yourself and the recorded information.
  • Separate Audio File Recording: Record every detail with pristine clarity, whether you’re using the system sounds or mic inputs, and it guarantees perfect synchronization across all of your channels.

SurFlex Screen Recorder Free License:

Download the screen recording software from (Windows/Mac)

Install the software, launch the app, and on its main UI click the “Menu” (hamburger) icon, and in the drop-down menu click “Activate”.

An activation window will appear, enter the below license code and hit the “Activate” button.







Note: The above code offers a 100-day subscription for free.


A robust and flexible tool, SurFlex Screen Recorder caters to the many demands of the modern digital era. Anyone looking for a dependable screen recording solution will find it to be a good option because of its high-quality recording capabilities and user-friendly UI. Try out SurFlex right now!