4600 Photoshop Gradients Collection Worth $15 for Free

4600 Photoshop Gradients Collection from Graphstock usually sells for $15, now you can get this bundle for free.

Photoshop’s gradient tool is very useful when you want to paint a certain area in a unique way because it lets you make a blend of different colors.

Website designers and graphic designers like to change the gradient effect on websites and in graphics. They use a lot of different gradients fills to make the shapes or webspace look good.

Well, now a lot of artists make gradient combinations and put them up for free download. And we thought you might like it if we found the best free Photoshop gradient packs and put them all together for you here.

4600 Photoshop Gradients


1.Creative Layouts for every mood:

Modern, dynamic, creative or dark: you have the choice.
2.Developed by professional designers:

No more missing edge points, libraries, or preview files.

3.Custom color effects

Create linear, radial, angled reflective or diamond gradients and combine different colors. With just a few settings you can find the right contrast for your graphics and always the right gradient for your projects.

4.Wide range of possibilities

With gradients, you have many options to create color schemes, patterns, and various effects. Create a vintage, cozy, sunrise or sunset effect or any other gradient you can imagine with just a few clicks.

5.Add effects easily

Gradients can be used to add subtle color changes to an image, such as those caused by shadows. change the blending options to match the style you’re looking for.

6.Get the most out of your graphics by expanding your Photoshop gradient library with this collection.
From a simple linear color change to multiple colors combined in different patterns, enhance your designs or illustrations with exciting color effects.

7.Free of charge and released for commercial use!

Get 4600 Photoshop Gradients Collection for Free:

Visit this giveaway page and click the “Download Now” button.

Download the Zip file, unzip the file and you can notice the .grd file.

With this gigantic collection of Photoshop gradients, you just can’t go wrong. Create web buttons, backgrounds, posters in a snap.